Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A2 Art Work

I have been seriously lacking with blog posts recently, although I realise I'm hardly disappointing millions, I do love making them so I'm going to try and make it a priority again. I went to pick up my A2 art from school the other day and thought I would share it with you. I'm not sure its quite worthy of a blog post but I thought I would show it anyway since it's a little different from the normal posts I do and may interest some of you.

These are my display pieces from from A level unit 3 and 4, obviously they are both accompanied by art books that explain how and why I created the pieces I did, but i'll try my best to concisely explain them.
Unit 3

Unit 3 was essentially inspired by the the photographer Paul Graham and his 1998-2002 series: American Night and specifically a piece I saw at the tate which I copied in various media(examples -top right and bottom left). For my final piece I put together my own 'street' to paint  using a collage of different buildings from where live and surrounding areas that I felt looked as though they could be featured in Grahams American Night series. To paint my final piece (centre image) I used the edge of a piece of grey board dipped in paint to create the lines and pulled it across the surface to create the shadows and details.

Unit 4
Unit 4 was based on work by Sunga Park and Andre Salgado. After responding to these two artists I mixed up the techniques and subject that the artists used and painted some of the pieces shown above. The painting on the top left is my final exam piece which is a direct response to Andre Salgado's work with portraiture. 

Thanks for reading :)
Lucy xx

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