Wednesday, 28 January 2015

SAG Awards & Golden Globes Best Dressed

If I'm honest my next post was going to be a review of the Body Shop advent calendar, however  considering it's basically February, I think it is officially too late (just quickly though - I highly recommend it or any 'beauty' advent calendar. It is like getting a proper gift everyday, which is amazing?).

So I am very pleased to say that awards season is officially under way, which I love because it means lots of red carpets and therefore lots of designer gowns to judge and/or pine after. I have to be honest, so far 2015 red carpet fashion has come up a little short, and all I've decided is that I'm expecting lots of metallics if current trends continue. I have, however, managed to muddle together a 'top 3' looks from the SAGs/Globes that I genuinely loved...

NO.3 - Dakota Johnson in Chanel Couture 

My 3rd favourite look is Dakota Johnson wearing this metallic Chanel Couture gown. It does seem fitting to wear silver considering she is the lead in '50 shades of grey' which I have to be honest, looks epic. The styling is pretty perfect here, the shoes and clutch match perfectly so as to keep the whole look seamless and the relaxed wavy hair is an ideal contrast to a potentially harsh looking dress. It's not hard to believe this is Chanel as one thing I've decided about Chanel is that it screams quality and if the intricacy and tailoring of the this dress don't say quality I don't know what does. Lastly the make up is flawless and the slightly muted red lip is stunning. 

NO.2 - Felicity Jones in Balenciaga  
NO.1 Chrissy Teigen in Zuhair Murad

Much like Dakota, Felicity Jones is in the perfect dress for the occasion as she was nominated for her role in 'The Theory of Everything' (which I highly recommend if you haven't seen it). I love this matte Balenciaga dress, it is just so understated and quietly stunning. I am not obsessed with the styling, I think the hair being off the shoulders is a good shout so as to appreciate the neckline of the dress however I think I would have liked slightly more done with it. Possibly down but styled so that it fell behind the shoulders and then not bothering with the earnings which i wouldn't miss overly.

It was quite hard to pick my favourite of the 3 but I think the thing that did it for Chrissy Teigen is the fact that although she is just there as a guest and some arm candy for husband, John Legend she just looks phenomenal at every award show and the Globes was no exception. You simply can't ignore the pure intricacy and skill involved in a dress like this and Zuhair Marad does it better than anyone. The crisp off whites against her tanned skin really makes the dress pop and I wouldn't changing the styling of the hair or accessories except maybe the ring on her clutch hand, her rock of an engagement ring is plenty! 

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