Wednesday, 13 August 2014

BRAND FOCUS... Brandy Melville

I can't quite remember when I discovered Brandy Melville but I have known about the brand for roughly a year. The selfish instincts in me don't want to write this post as it is relatively unknown in the UK, especially for those that aren't into the fashion blogging/vlogging scene, and it's so refreshing to have a brand that you rarely, if ever see people wearing. This being said I am so excited about this brand and simply have to share my thoughts.

A little background & why so successful? ..
The orginally italian brand launched its first US store in 2009 in LA and have since launched another 17 stores across the States. It wasn't until I started doing a little research for this post that I realised it wasn't a California based company, as this is what I had instantly assumed due to the laid back yet pretty style of their clothing. Brandy Melville has been popularised by the likes of Kylie Jenner and her 'young hollywood' friends such as Sofia Richie. It is young Southern California girls like these that have unintentionally helped the brand grow through social media such as tumblr and Instagram by simply sharing a photo that gets reblogged to other side of the world in seconds. As someone who follows the brand on Instagram there is isn't a day where they don't post at least one photo of a store display or a 'brandy girl' modelling there clothes which makes me instantly lust after their clothes.

Top/Dress - Brandy Melville || Denim Jacket - Topshop || Grey Ankle Socks - M&S || Plimsolls - Superga 

For someone raving about the brand and writing a blog post on them; embaressingly I only own one top, the main reason being that shipping costs $40 and there are only 2 UK stores both of which are in London so its not exactly easy to get your hands on something. This being said my Brandy Melville wish list includes almost the whole website and I am currently obsessed with this t-shirt dress and I am genuinely considering a trip to London purely to pick it up!

To the right i am wearing my Brandy Melville 'Nadine Top' and I have kept my outfit quite simple by adding some classic Levi cut-offs and my favourite Newlook skater shoes. I finished off the look by wearing some white nail polish and H&M sunglasses.

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Lucy x

p.s. let me know in the comments what you think of Brandy Melville and if you love it as much as I do!


  1. The nadine tops are SO flattering because they're tight around your chest and then are really flowy around your tummy. I own the grey one with the little alien patch on the left and it's one of the cutest tops I own. :)

  2. i know its so good how one size fits all and actually flatters all! xx

  3. I feel your pain with the only stores being in London, I've loved this brand for so long, but just can't justify paying so much for shipping :-( Hopefully they'll realise this and open some more stores in the UK! My dream... haha

    Meg ♡

  4. ah im so glad im not alone aha:) yeah hopefully expect i don't want it to become to common!! xx