Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Back to Blogging

Ive essentially been crap at blogging this past year, I think I’ve managed about 3 the posts in the last 12 months which is a pretty poor effort considering I was on a gap year and had a lot of free time. I basically think that because I spent the majority of my year working almost full time, and revising for my retakes, I wasn’t feeling overly inspired fashion/blog wise and I didn't want to force writing something that I wasn’t happy with. 

I've had such an amazing/busy summer, after finishing my retakes in June I flew straight to Bangkok with my two best friends for 5 weeks of travelling in S.E.Asia, I got back end of July and continued to have the best summer including Notting Hill carnival and Lollapalooza festival in Berlin alongside seeing friends that had been at uni all year. 

I'm really keen to get back to blogging as I’ve just started a fashion marketing degree in Manchester so if that doesn't inspire me to get back to it nothing will. I'm hoping to keep my camera on me and get some street style posts done, as aside from London, Manchester is probably the most interesting city in the UK for fashion which was a massive part of why I wanted to study here. I'm also going to be using photoshop in my course a lot so hopefully the quality of the design/layout of posts will improve too. Alongside street style posts I also want to do more personal style/outfit posts, however this depends on if I can rope someone into taking the photos for me. 

Watching sunrise after the Full Moon party - Koh Phangan, Thailand 

Thanks for reading!

Lucy x 

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