Sunday, 12 April 2015

Rachel Green - Style Inspiration

If you know me you know that 3 of my favourite things are Fashion, FRIENDS, and the 90s - all of which Jennifer Anniston encompasses as Rachel Green in the first few seasons of the show. I grew up watching FRIENDS as it was one of the only programs everyone in the house agreed on, it has definitely influenced my sense of humour and all though I didn't realise at the time it has influence my personal style too. 

I have collected together a few of my favourite looks/styles that 'Rachel Green' wore in the mid 90's that I have either been inspired by or just appreciate. 

Casual/Laid Back
Mens shirts and oversized sweatshirts is my idea of effortless cool. This is definitely the part of her style I relate with most as my personal style is generally very laid back and often takes influence from classic shapes and styles. 

Cute outfits including mini skirts cinched at the waist  
Some of Rachel's more 'put together' looks often included a mini skirt paired with a various styles of tops. Although a lot of time I just wear jeans if I do bother putting a proper outfit together it will usually include a mini skirt/dress.

Considering it was the 90s it's hardly surprising she wore a lot of denim, including a lot of denim vests which I'm not sure i'll be wearing anytime soon but looks great on her. Unfortunately I could never pull off dungarees like Rachel Green but my denim jacket does get chucked on with every other outfit.

Thanks for reading.. Lucy x 

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