Tuesday, 12 November 2013


In my opinion Topshop have been seriously lagging for the majority of this year, the collection has been fairly uninspiring in my opinion and quite un original! I'm referring mainly to the denim skater skirts, cut out boots and cropped knitwear (seen on the left of the above image) that have been everywhere the past year or so, and I felt as though everything was the same just in different colours. Topshop has always been at the top of the high street food chain with really fashion forward clothing and included pieces for those who don't want to dress the same as every other girl in school. Of course they have their great basics, such as the Leigh jeans, which are always going to be popular because they are good quality and a flattering fit, but its the lack of really different more statement pieces that I felt as though were missing from their collection, something that really broke the mould of safe boring skater skirts. No doubt with their break though in the US Topshop have done incredibly well this year as far as sales are concerned but I feel as though it was a slight case of quantity of quality and sales at the sacrifice of originality. I used to go on to the topshop site and want pretty much everything but when 'UNIDAYS' recently had their 20% of a topshop promotion code I thought I would treat myself however I really struggled to find a single item that I felt as though I couldn't live with out which I believe is what topshop clothes should be like and used to be like especially considering the prices they charge.

However I'm glad to say I am starting to feel inspired again (shown top right)! If I am honest I was slightly giving up when they started to up their game in the last month or so, I would be interested to know if there has been some changes in the design team as I feel as though the collection as taken a turn for the exciting. I have selected a few of my favourites from their recent collections that I feel are more like the fashion forward pieces they used to release.

All pieces shown are still available online (excluding the metallic slip dress)

Now I'm not saying their 'less inspiring' pieces are ugly or completely unfashionable, no ones a bigger Topshop fan than me and I would happily wear everything they sell as none of it is not nice its just that they don't excite me like Topshop pieces used to and are starting to do again. I haven't done a 'worst of topshop' collection since its no fun looking a boring pieces and as I have said nothing is particularly bad per say, just not very exciting!

How do you feel about Topshop recently? Do you like my 'best' picks?
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Lucy x


  1. I've been feeling the same about topshop, in the last few months i've been in topshop/browsed the online store countless times but I've barely bought anything! Love the colourful patterned top in the picture though!x


    1. ah its nice to know its not just me aha x

    2. I am totally with you on this one I haven't bought much this year as it's felt so repetitive and a little boring!
      But I have noticed some beautiful new pieces in the last week or so - let's watch this space!
      Gorgeous blog btw. You have a new follower :)
      Collette xx

  2. Can't believe I've just stumbled onto such a pretty blog! Definitely a follow from me :-)

    Meg ♡