Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My Best and Worst at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards...

This years MTV Movie Awards was held on Sunday 14th April in LA! Big winners included Rebel Wilson, Jamie Foxx and Bradley Cooper. Here are my best and worst dressed.

My Best

Selena Gomez(left) and Kylie Jenner(right)

Young Hollywood definitely ruled the night, Selena Gomez (who also performed at the show) looked flawless in a gold, fringed micro mini and super high platforms. The hair styling is perfect, if it had been completely down it may have been too much and distracted from the intricate detailing on the dress. While Selena went for a young sparkly number, 15-year-old Kylie kept it plain, simple and sophisticated in neutrals. The styling is perfect! From nude pointed pumps( i'm guessing Louboutins) to the chunky gold chain giving the outfit an urban edge.

My Worst (warning not for the faint hearted)
Kesha(left) and Hana Mae Lee(right)

They are both just awful. Starting with Kesha (who was presenting), there is just way too much going on, half of the outfit is gothic and the other half is hippy girly, I'm not sure what she was trying to achieve but it didn't work. Mind you sometimes I think her aim is just to get people to talk about her (you know what they say..no publicity is bad publicity). Then Hana Mae.. (yes that is a cigarette hat) for starters the dress is actually not a bad shape but the design and that ridiculous hat took this outfit from being bad to a joke.

All in all it wasn't a great year for fashion at the MTV Movie Awards, although I love my best dressed I had a lot more options for my worst! I will leave it at that...

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