Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Suki Waterhouse Superga Campaign - How I Style

Suki Waterhouse is everywhere at the moment, one of her projects this year, along side filming the up and coming divergent sequel 'Insurgent', has been to get involved with one of my favourite brands, 'Superga'. I love the campaign and I have selected a few of the shoes featured to style :)

Navy Superga | Jeans - Topshop | Jumper - Ralph Lauren | Bag - Head (ASOS)
I looovee this outfit.. If I say so myself! It's 100% my personal style. It's retro inspired with the sports bag and mom jeans yet still on trend due to the distressed design of the jeans. The first thing I picked to go with the shoes was the jeans as I instantly knew I wanted to go for a laid back slightly 90's look and what's more 90's than mom jeans!? I then added this beautiful mens Ralph Lauren jumper to be half tucked into the jeans which still maintains the sloughy look while adding some luxe to the outfit. I saw this bag while browsing the ASOS website and honestly think it's one of the coolest pieces and adds the perfect pop of colour to an otherwise quite plain outfit.
The above shot is one of my favourites from the campaign, from an advertising pespective it's on point as your eye is drawn straight to the Supergas and then travels to Suki and the stunning classic car to complete the image. I haven't styled the white Superga as I have done this before in my Brandy Melville post which you can see here.
Burgandy Superga | Dress - Brandy Melville | Bag - Grafea (ASOS)
This outfit was slightly harder for me to put together as personally i don't often wear shoes that aren't a classic colour but I'm really happy with what I put together. I decided I wanted to included grey in the colour scheme as I think grey and burgundy complement each other really well so this grey and white striped Brandy Melville dress was perfect. I finished off the outfit with this cute white backpack  which pulled together the white in the shoes and dress. 

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