Thursday, 3 July 2014

My Summer Must Haves!

Summer is very much underway and most people will have either finished school or will be finishing in the next few weeks! We have already had some amazing weather in the UK so whether you are off somewhere exotic or you are just enjoying the sun at home here are my top summer must haves. This is obviously not including essentials such as a bikini, it's more stuff i have personally loved so far this summer and would recommend..

1.White or bright nail polish - Both white and brightly coloured nail polishes look great with and enhance your tan, i have been wearing white recently as shown here and i have been absolutely loving it as you don't have to worry about it matching your outfit since it looks good with everything! On the other hand if you are wearing a fairly neutral outfit a bright nail polish such as an orange can be the perfect summery touch. 

2. A good book/book series - Personally, a good book is an essential for summer especially for by the pool or at the beach, i would also recommended maybe starting a series as you could easily finish one book in a week or two so it's nice to know you have the next one to read after, for example last summer i read the Hunger Games books and this year i am reading the Divergent books.

3. Runner/Jersey shorts - Runner shorts are so useful for summer as they are really comfy and light and are great when it is really hot and you don't want thick denim or cotton shorts. They are also good to wear with your bikini when you are walking to the pool or beach and they can be relatively fashionable (or at least not ugly) if you buy them from somewhere like Topshop. 

4. Square neck tops/crop tops - The square neck neckline is my favourite trend of the moment, it's so flattering and i love the 90's influence. Whether you go for a crop top with denim shorts and a kimono or a pretty cami with ripped jeans it is an instantly cool, effortless and summery look.

5. Waterproof mascara - This MaxFactor Lash extension mascara is my favourite waterproof mascara and up there with my favourite mascaras in general, it gives a super natural look while really lengthening and separating your lashes, and it's best used after curling your eyelashes. It is a very natural looking mascara so it's perfect for a light/natural makeup look that personally i prefer in the summer. A waterproof mascara is a necessity as it obviously won't run if you are in the sea or pool but also just last a lot longer when you are in the sun.

6. Denim cutoff shorts - A pair of plain denim shorts are such a staple, they are completely timeless and like jeans go with anything and everything. Distressed cut-offs give an instantly cool laid back look especially with just a plain t shirt and some plimsolls or skaters.

7. Slip on skater shoes - I am loving this skater shoe trend, it took me a while to come round to it as i had only ever seen the classic check Vans but after buying the pair of plain navy skaters shown i am completely converted! It's a great way to wear a trainer/plimsoll in summer as they are easy to slip off, they look especially great with denim shorts.

8. Frozen Yogurt - If you have never had 'fro-yo' you are seriously missing out! It is so yummy and satisfying and i would chose it over ice cream any day as it is just as indulgent but feels a lot more healthy and refreshing.
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Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed and maybe got some ideas!
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Lucy x


  1. I love number 3 and 4! I really need tog o shopping soon to buy some good holiday stuff and I already have a few little shorts, but I really like number 3! And I've been looking for tops like 4 for ages, I hope I get one soon and hopefully a kimono, but I can never find ones that I like that much, or I do and they're really expensive! I also really want some skater shoes, they look so comfy. I basically want everything you've put on this list and you've really inspired me to go shopping now!x

  2. Aw thanks - glad i have inspired you!! x