Tuesday, 25 February 2014

- Feburary Wish List -

1. ASOS white jeans
2. ASOS black Chelsea boots
3. Retro Head sports bag
4. H&M gold earrings set
5. H&M plain V-neck tees
My wish list this month basically creates an outfit that I want, I really love the idea of white skinnies for spring/summer and I love how this pair have the rip at the knee making them slightly more chilled/casual. I also really need to invest in some more basic tees to wear with jeans such a the white ones. I love H&M t-shirts, they fit so nicely and I don't have any V-neck tees so I am intrigued to see if they suit me. I love these Chelsea boots from ASOS as I they are slightly different looking to ones I have seen before, I think the slimmer fit and slightly warn colour make them really understated but cool. Lastly although I still love the 90's I am also starting to love certain styles from the 80's such as this retro sports bag and these gold earrings.

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