Sunday, 27 October 2013

- October Wish List -

1. Onesie - One-piece (buy here)
2. Trainers - New Balance 420's (buy here)
3. Matte Top Coat Nail Polish - O.P.I (buy here)
4. Cord Smock Dress - ASOS (buy here)
Quite a small random collection of things this month but I figured there was no point padding it out with stuff I don't really want! The first item I've picked is this One Piece onesie, as it gets colder and colder and I were my current onesie more and more, I cant help but lust over this indulgent piece, its quite ridiculous to spend so much on a single piece that will rarely leave my house but its soo cool and I love the navy and red together! Sticking with the red and comfy theme we move on to these beautiful new balance 420's, after thinking I would like some new balance for a while it wasn't until I saw a similar pair to this in the flesh in UO that I really fell in love. I have done extensive research into what pair of new balance I would like an after narrowing it down to my few favourites I have decided these are the ones I really want! A beauty want this month is a matte top coat from O.P.I, I think the effect of matte nails is so modern and cool and would look amazing on black or navy polish. Lastly a truly fashion want is this stunning cord smock dress by ASOS, I don't know what it is about smock dresses that I love so much (other than the fact they hide a multitude of sins) they are just cute and quaint and that plus cord is a winner for me!

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thanks for reading!

Lucy x


  1. I love that dress!

    I nominated you for the Sunshine Award!:)
    The rules and stuff are on my blog, sorry if you've already done it!


  2. same its so cute!! and thanks so much I will check it out x

  3. awesome wishlist, been wanting new balance sneakers as well. really like the color of the one pictured.


  4. Love the asos dress! Your blog is lovely, just followed. x

  5. Thanks for nominating me x

  6. Love this dress and I really need this OPI nailpolish.

    Follow you via GFC and G+.
    Have a great weekend. xo

  7. Great wishlist. Love the dress most. It's so cute and yet kinda elegant. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Let me know.

  8. thanks and yeah sure just followed you x

  9. I quite love new balance shoes! I have a pair of their running shoes for the gym. However I am yet to buy a pair of their beautiful 420s

    I'm two followers away from a giveaway- if you want to have a look:)