Tuesday, 20 August 2013


This past weekend I headed to Weston park in Stafford for V festival 2013! I travelled down on Friday with a big group of friends to set up camp before the music began on Saturday. I got to see lots of my favourite artists as well as some bands that I only knew a few songs but enjoyed their performance way more than I expected.
High lights have got to be Calvin Harris and Kendrick Lamar as well as The Script who although are not one of my favourite bands put on an incredible performance and really worked the crowd. In the middle of their set Danny asked the crowd if anyone had an idiot ex boyfriend and then called him live on stage on the girls phone , sang 'nothing' (a break up song) and proceeded to get the whole crowd to shout 'good bye asshole to him' .. what a legend .. it was hilarious. (videos of it that I found on YouTube below)

I also loved the vaccines, scouting for girls and many others. Beyonc√© was actually slightly disappointing because she was 20 minutes late,I was very squished in the crowd and I didn't love her set list however it was still amazing to see her and a lot of her performance was great.

It was such an amazing weekend and I have definitely got the festival buzz!

top L-R Xa, Alix, FiFi, Ellie, Gracie, Shannon, Sophia, Pip
bottom L-R Me, Hollie
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